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From The Desk Of Justin “The Kickstarter Guy” Giddings
April 25 2019
6:29 AM

Dear friend,

I have something incredible to share with you. Off the bat, you’ll be inclined to think it’s “too good to be true.” But if you give me the time of day, I’ll demonstrate to you - with countless proof - just what I did and how you can do it too. I’ll explain.

But first, a few simple questions:

Does needing the approval of Hollywood agents and gatekeepers just to be creative boil your blood? While others seem to attract a fanbase and get funding like nothing?

Does the mere thought of asking (more like harassing) your friends and family to help fund your film produce a sick knot of anxiety in the pit of your stomach?

Do you wish you wish you could seize control back from the entertainment industrial complex, so you could make the films you (and your fans) want whenever you want?

Do you wanna be able to look in the mirror, stare into your eyes and smile, knowing that you’re in complete control of YOUR film career once and for all?

Have you ever wondered how to build an audience of THOUSANDS of excited fans who will pay you directly to see your work?

Would you like to be able to live free and happy, full of enthusiasm, and be able to pursue your creative endeavors without limitations?

If so, please read every word of this letter, because I am about to show you how I went from nearly burning my entire career down to the ground… to a life of abundance, freedom, and enough support (from loyal backers) to build and grow my hobby into a successful business.

Here’s what I mean.

My name is Justin Giddings, and although I’m not entirely sure, I may have created the greatest system in the world for taking just about anyone from complete newbie crowdfunder to being able to greenlight their own creative projects in a very short period of time.

I realize how big of a stretch that may seem, but if you pay careful attention to what I’m about to tell you, I’ll show you exactly how I did it… and how you can too.

You see, I wasn’t always as happy and in control of my life as I am today… in fact just a couple years ago I was on the streets of Hollywood everyday trying to get an agent or producer to take a look at my films and concepts. Hoping, just hoping, for someone to just give me a chance!

Note: if you need help with funding your passion project, putting together a kickass marketing campaign, assembling your dream team, attracting the right kind of fans, or even just learning which platforms to crowdfund on (like I was) then this letter is for you.

See, I’m no different than you or anyone else… 

My Daily Hell With Failure
Just a couple of years ago my filmmaking was at a standstill… to the point where my projects weren’t moving forward. Sooner than later, it started to take a toll on my creativity and hope.

It was the same thing… every. single. day.

I’d find myself on social media and forums trying to gain some traction for my short films. When I wasn’t doing that I was phoning agents, knocking on doors at the crack of dawn, sending letters to investors, begging family members and friends to back me. Anything just to get my foot in the door.

It was no longer a mystery to me why I was never making any progress… my methods were outdated and crude and were even starting to have a CLEAR impact on my mental health.

Like I told you, it was bad… but I just couldn’t seem to think of a better way (even though I actually wanted one).

And then one day (April 18, 2014) I decided to try something completely weird and unconventional to get my life in order.

You see, I’ve been in the industry since I was 8 years old. I knew how hard it was, and all the BS that gets thrown in our faces as filmmakers by the greedy Hollywood bloodhounds.

For me it was sink or swim - I desperately needed a way to do more with less. A way to claim my stake - to be known, respected, and to gain the support of my own unique group of loyal fans.

So I decided to give crowdfunding through Kickstarter “the go ahead” and see if I could carve out my own path towards victory.

Yup -- a few times I caught myself freaking out thinking it’d end up as a complete failure. But then something happened…

I actually started to get backers (one after the other) who were EXCITED to support my vision!!!!!! Woo-hoo. The feeling of “greenlighting” myself felt like a 500 pound weight had been lifted from my chest:
See, discovering how to successfully put together a crowdfunding campaign not only gave me confidence… but… it actually opened up opportunities I could only dream of and made me feel pretty darn proud of myself.

Seriously… this worked so well I had a LIGHTBULB moment.

Here’s what happened...

This Idea Changed My Life
Before you read any further, let me clear one thing up for you… I’m NOT suggesting you try to “wing it” and tackle crowdfunding all by yourself! Ha

That worked for me because at the time, I didn’t know a better way.

Besides, you already know how AWFUL it is to go into crowdfunding without any clarity… it can be a nightmare… harassing friends and family, ruining your reputation, and embarrassing yourself years to come.

Today, I know a better and easier and faster way… much better, much easier, much faster.

But first, I want you to imagine two different versions of yourself five years from now….

What will your life look like if you keep doing what you’re currently doing, basically living on a prayer (like that old Bon Jovi song)?

What will your life look like if you had a clear action plan, put together a kickass campaign, produce your dream film and greenlight yourself (every single time) instead?

It’s easy to live each day without noticing the price we pay for our “innocent” ignorance and lack of knowledge…

Think about it though…

If you visit LA Fitness today, you wouldn’t expect to be lean and sexy by tomorrow, right?

If you’re a workaholic and don’t give your spouse or children your affection and time, you don’t expect your family to crumble overnight, do you?

No, no, no… it’s the gradual, compound effect of these sustained habits that make a big (and SCARY) difference.

Peering five years into the future kinda puts what you’re doing TODAY into perspective. Your actions towards getting funded can either leave you miserable and hopeless and silently depressed. OR they can open new doors of freedom and opportunity and bring you closer to your DREAM with every passing day.

The sad thing is, most crowdfunding advice on the Internet really misses the mark on helping filmmakers like you and me reach our goals. 

I know because after having helped over 120 filmmakers raise over $4,900,000 - there’s a reason why I’m the #1 search on Google for “Best Kickstarter Coach” …
Look… if you’re reading this, you’re probably like I was: already tried a bunch of stuff and took advice to no avail. Am I right?

You’re pissed off and even a little down on yourself (even if you don’t always show it). You’re wondering how you’re still “here (with nothing much to show for)” in the first place. And desperately looking for a way out… yet nothing has worked, NOTHING!!!!!

Well I can tell you. It’s not all your fault, my friend…

As you’ve already suspected, the “entertainment industrial complex” is like the Old Wild West. Most people have a “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” attitude.

Which means you’re constantly dealing with big egos, and two-faced backstabbers who will use and abuse you just to get their way. 

Truth be told, it can be hard to know who to trust -- if anyone.

Which is why I’ve spent the last 6 years developing my company: The Kickstarter Guy, Inc.

Because after years of struggling to fund my own passion projects and stubbornly refusing to relinquish creative control, and then helping over 121 filmmakers just like you raise nearly $5 MILLION (and achieving 97.43% funding success)... I’ve experimented with EVERYTHING to turn crowdfunding into a science, art, and blueprint anyone can follow.

Today, instead of living as a prisoner and victim of the big-bad, huffing-and-puffing Hollywood Wolves… my life looks different… very different.
Here’s What Life Looks Like Today
This is my reality today:

5 years ago I went from all-but living in my car in Los Angeles and hoping for someone to give me a chance… to today being slated to Direct a $6 million dollar feature.

I’m happier, healthier, with more freedom, and confidence than ever in my adult life.

My friends and peers respect me. They don’t look down on me anymore.

During Thanksgiving my family no longer sarcastically asks “how’s your little film thing doing?” Instead, today, they’re proud and brag about me to everyone they know.

As an actor, I no longer have to audition and sell my soul just to be on camera for 15 seconds as Pizza Delivery Guy #2! Ha Ha

I’m no longer ashamed of myself. In fact, I’d say I’m pretty darn proud of myself!

Conjuring a filmmaking career out of thin air is not easy! It’s a big accomplishment.

I can’t tell you how much of a difference this has made in my life.

It feels kinda like how I imagine an eagle feels soaring through the skies or a horse running through green pastures… on top of the world!

Personally, I’ve been able to raise $98,000 to fully fund two of my short films. Both of which have gone on to screen at 57 Festivals including the Austin Film Festival, Filmquest, Newport Beach and other. Both (I’m very grateful) have won multiple “Best Of Fest” and “Audience” awards around the globe.

And, no pun intended, quite LITERALLY kickstarted my filmmaking career.

Now, I understand you may have different goals. But that’s what I always wanted to do!

To spread my message and make a difference in the world. To help others, just like you and I, to be able to create something meaningful WITHOUT the fear that no one will notice… to find a loyal tribe of fans who are willing and excited to fund their passions - time and time again.

You see, crowdfunding doesn’t have to be impossible anymore.

There’s simply no need to struggle any longer.

How so?

All those years ago, I realized there’s two types of people who struggle with crowdfunding:

→ Those who struggle for ages, winging it on their own and hoping to find their golden goose…


→ Those who plant their feet on the ground, get HELP, and make a commitment because they know they NEED and WANT a change in their life/career!

Which one would you rather be?

Chances are, if you’re reading this long @$$ letter I’ve written for you… you’re leaning towards options number two… and you’re serious about doing what it takes to change the course of your filmmaking career… right or wrong?

Imagine The Possibilities
Imagine if you didn’t have to fail with getting your passion project funded anymore...imagine if you had a definite, step-by-step “X marks the spot” roadmap that helped you get there without any hitches.

It has taken me years of trial and error, but I finally have a system that works 97.43% of the time...

Literally, I didn’t just make that number up outta thing air - out of the 121 campaigns I’ve been a part of 118 of them were fully funded, while 25% of them were OVERFUNDED! See for yourself:

And that’s just in a 2 month period! *humble brag haha*

Listen clearly though---

This system will work for you if you need help with:

-Picking the RIGHT platform for your film
-How to have a massive launch of your creative brand
-Creating a successful campaign on a budget and in a short amount of time
-Getting fully funded by creating a fanbase of excited backers
-And even little things such as choosing the right perks for backers

You see, because I’ve “cracked the code” I can help others just like you avoid roadblocks and get funded quicker than I did (and without the sheer torment of figuring it out on the fly).

People always ask me:

“Justin, if your crowdfunding experience disappeared overnight and you had to start from ground zero again… how would you do it?”

It’s an interesting question and I’d say there’s 3 things I’d do immediately:

1) Create My “North Star” Plan - The truth is… without being CRYSTAL clear on your personal vision, goals, and having a killer marketing plan, it will be very easy to get off track and let your focus drift.

2) Put Together A Kick-Ass Team - Crowdfunding a film is hard work. It’s something that you simply cannot go at it alone, you need people who you can trust and rely on to be there for you and carry some of the workload. Assembling the right team will make your life sooOOoOo much easier, unfortunately this is more difficult than it sounds.

3) Leverage Other People’s Experience (Get A Coach) - Find a coach to hold you accountable. Each day, you check in with your coach. As you progress through this process, you’ll have a log of what worked and what didn’t. You’ll have a 90 day and 6 month plan to achieve success - as well as a DAILY and WEEKLY task list with clear objectives. Without this crucial step, you will be doomed to fail. Left to your own devices you let yourself down… take it from me.

Now let me be fully transparent: I created these systems to LIBERATE my own film career first… and now I’d like to pull back the curtain and reveal them to you.

With your permission, I’d like to put you on the fast-track to getting to where I am today.

Sound good? Ok, let’s do this…

“Greenlight Yourself: The Ultimate Crowdfunding MasterCourse!
The FIRST and ONLY complete crowdfunding course designed to get you fully funded in 90 days or less!

This is going to be the quickest sales pitch for any program you will ever see.

Mainly because this isn’t really a sales pitch at all… I am just going to show you what you are going to get, and how to order it.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get:
  •  The 4 CORE components of a Kickass Campaign! (Step by step blueprint!)
  •  How to have a massive launch of your creative brand - on a budget and in a short amount of time!
  •  Guerilla marketing tactics - simple and straight to the point! (This is how my clients with no name, no prestige, and no money are able to raise $100,000+ in 30 days or less like clockwork!)
  •  Why crowdfunding is the BEST opportunity for NEW filmmakers today!
  •  How to make sure you choose the right funding goal amount!
  •  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube audience-attraction secrets!
  •  Picking the RIGHT platform for your film! (The difference between kickstarter, indiegogo, seed&spark, and more!)
  •  Choosing your brand story (narrowing it down to less than 5 minutes) and how to share it in a way that gets casual viewers into excited backers!
  •  When should you launch your campaign? (Days of the year, month, week, and day that will yield highest results!)
  •  The good, the bad, and the ugly - how to avoid the 7 major “plagues” of crowdfunding!
  •  Using emails to get excited backers - how to engage, reach out to, and follow up with your audience via email! (Most filmmakers overlook this - much to their dismay!)
  •  How NOT to do social media! (This can LITERALLY sabotage your entire crowdfunding campaign!)
  •  The PERFECT “Pitch Video” format! (Follow this to a tee and you’ll be golden!)
  •  The secrets of “Whale Hunting” - how to find BIG TIME Backers and get them to support your passion project with just one simple phone call!
  •  Daily checklist of what to do EVERY SINGLE DAY - before, during and after - your campaign for maximum results!
  •  How to “End With A BANG!” and finish strong! (And harness that momentum for the NEXT film!)
  •  Creating “Online Events” that keep your audience excited, engaged and funding consistently throughout your entire campaign!
  •  How to create a beautiful and engaging campaign page on any platform!
  •  How to pick the RIGHT perks that will blow your backers minds!
  •  How to pull the whole campaign off on a low budget (with a high budget feel to it)!
  •  Common problems my clients face in Week 1 of the Campaign - how to overcome and use these “glitches” to your advantage!
  •  Exactly WHAT and WHEN to post on social media so you don’t get overwhelmed!
  •  How to capitalize on your crowdfunding success and springboard into a successful career as a respected filmmaker!
  •  And much, much more!

There’s LITERALLY nothing like this available to hopeful filmmakers anywhere else on the planet!!!!

To be clear: this is NOT a homestudy course - this is much more than that.

This is a Group Mastermind Program - you get all the benefits of a homestudy course with training videos, guides, and templates.

But you also get the personalized goal planning, accountability, and livestreamed group coaching and Q&A sessions of having a REAL LIFE coach by your side moving you towards your progress at your own pace.
And look… let me address something you’re probably thinking right now.

Because I know you read all that and said, “Whoa, that’s a whole lotta stuff. Will I be able to do this?”

I want to assure you: this is set up in a way that’s step by step and completely at your own pace. You dictate how fast (or how slowly) you consume the information and participate in the program. It’s totally up to you!

At the end of the day, it’d be unrealistic to assume that everyone will fit into a one-size-fits-all mold. I value your individuality and diversity! After all, that’s what makes you - YOU. I’d never wanna make you feel left out.

Any and all Live Q&A sessions will be recorded and stored away in your member’s area back office. Or, if you have time, join in and get your most pressing questions answered!

So whether you’re a single mom with three jobs. A young bachelor with zero responsibilities. Or a married couple with awkward schedules. This program will fit right into your life, guaranteed.


The thing about a program as hands-on and personalized as this one is…
We Simply Cannot (And Will Not) Accept More Than 100 People Into This Program.
Why, you ask?

Simple: I want to be able to give you one on one attention and care. To answer your questions and be there for you. To allay your fears. Help you when mishaps happen. And create a personalized Action Plan to guarantee your success. Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

For this kinda program, 100 people is the threshold. Anything being that and things get sticky!

A hidden little bonus you’ll experience for being a part of this program is the relationship building. Our community is rich with beautiful, generous people who are friendly, go-getters and always happy to share their wins and experiences with one another!

So not only will you have me there for you, you’ll also have the added benefit of being able to connect with others just like you. That way we ALL win!

To make matters even sweeter…

I’ll Even Throw In An Awesome Bonus For The Next 20 Who Join TODAY!
When you’re one of the first 20 who join today, you will also get something very special.

You will get The Kickass Campaign Package absolutely at no extra cost. That’s right - FREE!

This amazing bonus is jam-packed with golden information which will make funding your passion project easier, faster and simpler than you ever thought was possible.

I mean it! Here’s what’s included:

1) EXACT set of marketing documents, team worksheets, content workbooks, and daily checklists to help you track your progress! (Which will help keep things organized, keep everyone accountable, and squash overwhelm before it arises!)

2) Ginormous-Bonus: Final week Facebook Post Template that has raised as much as $107,587 just in the last 2 days of a campaign (and averages $31,300 across all campaigns)!

3) Email templates on recruiting high level team members, weekly newsletter templates, email marketing templates, and more!

4) Thank you note templates to increase referrals and social sharing (which will help you trend higher on social media and get your name everywhere)!

5) Text message templates for close friends and family (Which won’t annoy or harass them - in fact, it will make them excited to support your venture!)

6) Monthly LIVE Q&A’s - Get your most pressing questions answered in our amazing Facebook Community for Crowdfunding Filmmakers!

7) “Whale Hunting” Script - Complete (and non-intimidating) sales script that will make getting “big money” corporate sponsors and investors to back your film easy as 1, 2, 3!

8) Private Student Mastermind Group - Where you can interact with high-level alumni, network, find clients, ask questions and build your brand!

9) Lifetime Access - You’ll get lifetime access to every update, new module, and bonuses added to this program, forever!

The Kickass Campaign Package with 9 bonuses easily has a value of well-over $3,500 and if you are one of the first 20 people to join, I will gift this to you at no extra cost… 100% FREE just for being an action-taker.

Making the entire value of Greenlight Yourself: The Ultimate Crowdfunding MasterCourse and The Kickass Campaign Package well over $8,200.

Your investment today will NOT be $8,200 - I want to give you a sweet tasting of just how incredibly LIBERATING it is to be able to greenlight yourself, fund your OWN films and projects, WITHOUT having to rely on greedy gatekeepers or agents for validation.

When you join the mastermind/course program today, you can get the entire course, group coaching calls, accountability, private student group, and the special bonuses for only a one time investment of $297.

**Warning: Enrollment Closes On June 24, 2019 at 11:59 PM, And Price Goes Up By $200!**
Question: Do I feel guilty charging this much for just a course, group coaching, accountability, private mastermind group, and bonuses?

Answer: Not a bit. I sleep like a newborn pup! In fact, next time I re-open this program I will be raising the price another $200 and making the entire program $497.

Eventually it will be $1,500+... But it’s still a new program. So I wanna cut you a deal for participating as an early adopter.
Here’s the deal homie: I could make this program dirt cheap and even free! But what I realized from years of trial and error with my own crowdfunding is that when we make an investment in ourselves, we tend to CHERISH that investment and not let it go to waste.

Besides, what would it be worth to you to not have to wait for permission to be creative anymore? To be absolutely, positively UNSHACKLED from the Hollywood Machine?

How much would the smile on your face be worth? A true smile of personal pride and confidence? What about the NEW glow in your eyes - having the people closest to you respect, admire, and maybe even envy you a little?

How much would you pay to be 100% LIBERATED from failure - and never have to struggle with the frustration of parking your creative passions on the curb due to lack of funding ever again? I’ll tell you this much…

The amount of stress it’s currently causing you is far more costly to you in the long run than the pittance I’m asking for. Think about the damage stress does to your organs and body. Stress kills, you know this. Think about the future medical bills, the time lost, the regret.

A lot of filmmakers and creative types allow their failures to sink them into depression. The damage not “making it” can cause to your mental health is 100X more expensive than a measly $297. To put it into perspective - you can’t even consult with a mental health specialist for less than $549 an hour. And to be a little more extreme… developing a potential drinking problem to cope with the pain is far more expensive than even that.

Why not just hammer down NOW, save yourself the trouble and take control of your film career once and for all?

Listen, friend. If you are serious about regaining control over that passion burning in YOUR heart to bring something of value to the world, I can’t understand how you could possibly justify NOT becoming an insider's member of this program.

Now, I’ve done a pretty good job of sharing who this program IS for but....
You Should Definitely NOT Click On The Orange Button & Get In If…
1- You have a big ego!

These individuals are cockyy and think they know-it-all! They rarely (if ever) collaborate with others, and are selfish to the bone.

Their ego is as big as the Rocky Mountains and their aura as toxic as Fukushima. They complain, are negative and argue just for the sake of bringing attention on themselves.

For the sake of everyone… if you’re a “know it all” don’t sign up!

2- You think it’s too expensive or don’t have the time!

What’s hilarious is, this person will (with a smile on their face) spend money on Netflix so they can binge-watch every new series… they’ll order pizza and wings every Friday… and don’t give a seconds’ thought about spending time “living in the moment” going out for “Thirsty Thursdays” with friends.

Yet ask them to invest some money or time to polish up their skills or career… and they’ll act like you’re Michael Myers trying to kill them!

So, if you have no time or money to participate in this proven and profitable program, this is the very reason you need to do everything you can to sign up.

Here’s a “Justin Giddings” truth-nuke for you… you’re NOT investing in me, you’re investing in YOU! And if you don’t think you’re worth the investment - don’t sign up!
Think about it…

Where will you be one year from today?

Will you, once again, be struggling and fighting to get funded, pushing your family and loved ones away, continuing to isolate yourself from the world - while others just like you unlock a New Life of Fame, Influence, and Creative Passion?

Or will you be enjoying the accomplished feeling of having your filmmaking career under control and enjoying new possibilities of hope, confidence, having loyal fans that adore you, and a future opening up to you like a rose in the Spring?

I have gone through the pain of figuring this stuff out so you don’t have to…

Don’t let this opportunity of a life-time slip through your fingers.

You have absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose. I’m assuming all the risk here.

Go through my coaching program, put it under the microscope, and take advantage of my money back guarantee… See for yourself what i am talking about.... But only if you’re one of the 100 who join in first.

You deserve this.

Committed to your success,
Justin “Your Crowdfunding Coach” Giddings

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising each time we fail.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson
P.S. when you click on this big ugly pink button - here's what's gonna happen: a short and simple pop-up will appear on your screen. It's going to ask you a few simple questions such as your name, payment preference, etc - you know... the basics. 

After that, it's going to take you to a "Thank You/Confirmation" page to confirm your purchase. You'll also be presented with some amazing ONE-TIME ONLY exclusive deals you won't be able to find anywhere else - which you are free to accept or decline at your discretion... no pressure! It's up to you and I'll love you the same! Ha

I'm saying all this just to let you know that you're info is safe with us. I want you to feel confident about making this LIFE-CHANGING choice. And let you know I care! See ya in there friend.

...BUT don't just take my word for it! Check out these amazing real-life client stories:
About Justin Giddings…
I'm the guy who helps you fund your passion and change the course of your life.

Pretty bold statement, huh? I don't mind making it because I've personally seen people go from powerless to empowered, hopeless to hopeful, and confused to determined through the power of a successful campaign. 

As a filmmaker, I know what it's like to wait for someone to say "yes" to your dreams. The problem is, I'm kind of impatient and I didn't want to wait anymore. When it came time to make my first film, I took my training as a Certified Marketing Consultant and funneled it into a crowdfunding campaign that earned me $32,000 to make my first film. 

After screening all around the world, winning festivals and awards, and becoming a Vimeo Staff Pick, “This Is Normal” (my film) propelled my career to the point where I am now slated to direct a $6 million dollar feature. With crowdfunding, it took me less than two years to go from working actor to Hollywood insider.

**Warning: Enrollment Closes On June 24, 2019 at 11:59 PM,
And Price Goes Up By $200!**
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